Determined Admissions Arrangements for Knowsley Schools 2018/19

The council consulted with schools, neighbouring local authorities, church authorities and parents before determining admission arrangements for the 2018/19 intake of nursery, reception and Year 7 pupils (an online consultation was undertaken via this website).

Below are the results of the consultation:

The determined admission policy and admission numbers for Knowsley community primary schools and primary and secondary participating academies.

The determined admission policies and admission numbers for voluntary aided schools (Catholic and Church of England Schools) – which can also be obtained from the individual school.

Secondary Schools

Primary Schools


Huyton and Knowsley Village

Prescot, Whiston and Cronton


Parents have a right to raise an objection with the Schools Adjudicator if they believe that the policies are not lawful or do not comply with the mandatory elements of the national School Admissions Code. Full details of how to raise an objection are given on the DFE website. Objections must be submitted no later than 15 May 2017.

Also below are the primary and secondary schemes.  These documents give the arrangements for applying for places, dates, processes etc.

All these practical details are published in September 2017 in the more user-friendly form of the admissions booklets (composite prospectus’) – these booklets contain the relevant application form and all the information parents need on how to apply for places.

If you have any initial queries regarding the above, please either email or contact Knowsley school admissions, Education Improvement Team, PO Box 21, Municipal Buildings, Archway Road, Huyton, Knowsley, L36 9YU.