The Community Trigger

What is it?

The Community Trigger is a process which allows members of the community to ask the Safer Knowsley Partnership (“the Partnership”) to review how they have responded to reports of anti-social behaviour.

The Safer Knowsley Partnership consists of representatives from Knowsley Council, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group, National Probabion Service / Community Rehabilitation Company, Knowsley Housing Trust and ForHousing.

The Community Trigger is designed to ensure agencies work together to try and resolve any complaints relating to anti-social behaviour and hate crime and is a means of reviewing how agencies have responded to your complaints. Where the Community Trigger threshold is met (see below), the Partnership will consider how the complaints have been dealt with and whether agencies have followed their own processes for dealing with your complaints.

As part of the review, the Partnership may make recommendations to an agency as to how they might have responded to your complaint.  The Partnership cannot however direct an agency to take specific actions, such ascommencing eviction proceedings or to prosecute an individual.

The Community Trigger should be used if you believe your complaint has not been adequately responded to. The Community Trigger cannot be used to report general acts of crime and should not be used if you wish to complain about the conduct of individual officers.

The Trigger does not replace the complaints procedures of individual organisations, or your opportunity to complain to the Local Government Ombudsman or Independent Police Complaints Commission.

When can I use the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger can be used where the following threshold has been met:

If you (as an individual) have reported to the council, police or a registered housing provider (social landlord) about three separate incidents of anti-social behaviour in the last six months.

  • If five individuals in the local community have reported separately to the council, police or registered housing provider (social landlord) in the last six months about similar incidents of anti-social behaviour.
  • If you have reported to the council, police or registered housing provider (social landlord) an incident of anti-social behaviour or crime that is a hate incident in the last six months.

How do I use the Community Trigger?

To use the Community Trigger you can either complete an online form.  Alternatively you can write to:-
Safer Knowsley Partnership Coordinator
Knowsley Council
Archway Road
L36 9YU

Please provide details of each time you’ve complained, to who (name, organisation and/or Incident Reference Number) and information about the anti-social behaviour.

If you have an ongoing complaint that is being dealt with by one of the organisations, your case is not appropriate for the Community Trigger.

If there is an ongoing investigation into your reports of anti-social behaviour your application to use the Community Trigger may be put on hold until that investigation is concluded.

If you do not meet the threshold for the Community Trigger then you can still ask to use it. You will need to explain why you think that it is appropriate, this may be because the issue is affecting a lot of people or is having a significant effect upon you.

Next steps

Once you have asked for a Community Trigger, the Safer Knowsley Partnership Coordinator will ask the agencies involved to provide details of your complaints to determine whether your application meets the threshold. You will ordinarily receive a response within five working days advising you of what will happen next.

It should be noted that to allow a thorough and effective review to be undertaken you should not expect to receive a full response to your application for a trigger review for seven weeks. This is to allow the numerous partners to meet to discuss and review what has been done.

Please Note: The Community Trigger is a review of the actions that have been taken in response to your reports of anti-social behaviour - it is not another investigation into those issues. You should also continue to report any new issues arising to the relevant bodies to enable them to respond appropriately.


If you are unhappy with the response you receive from the Partnership following the Community Trigger review you have the opportunity to request a further review by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. You can seek a further review where:

  1. The Community Trigger review has failed to consider a relevant process, policy or protocol;
  2. The Community Trigger review has failed to consider relevant factual information.

Details as to how to request a further review will be provided in your Community Trigger response.


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Section 104 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires relevant bodies to publish information relating to the number of community trigger applications made to a community safety partnership. Current details for the Knowsley Community Safety Partnership are:

Merseyside Community Trigger Information

Updated as of end December 2018

CSP AREA Number of Community Trigger applications received Number of times the threshold for review was not met Number of case reviews carried out Number of case reviews that resulted in recommendations being made Number of case review escalations to the Police Crime Commissioner's (PCC's) office
Knowsley 2016 1 0 1 0 0
Knowsley 2017 2 0 2 1 0
Knowsley 2018 4 1 4 0 0