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STEP – Support Together Empower Prevention – is a multi-agency team that is tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in Knowsley. It includes representatives from the Council and Merseyside Police.

The team aims to help children and their family to build on their strengths, get the most out of life and create safer and stronger communities.
The team work with young people to prevent them from committing an offence and help to improve the life chances of young people at risk of engaging in criminal activities. This is achieved through:-

  • Support – identifying interventions that are aligned to children and family’s needs, supporting them to be happy and safe and working with them to make positive contributions in their community.
  • Together – bringing together children, families, professionals and partner agencies to support children and young people to thrive.
  • Empower – working with children and young people to help them to achieve, succeed and fulfil their potential.
  • Prevention – safeguarding children and young people.

The team works closely with the Youth Offending Service, with a view to early intervention and prevention in order to prevent people choosing a life of crime and anti-social behaviour.
The team will:-

  • Educate and raise awareness around crime and anti-social behaviour, along with the variety of activities on offer in Knowsley to divert children and young people away from anti-social behaviour and crime.
  • Intervene at an early stage to offer support and prevent issues and behaviours from escalating. This will include support to the child and their wider family.

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