Report a trading standards issue

If you feel you have purchased something that is not of an acceptable standard, or if you suspect someone is selling unacceptable goods or services, you can contact Trading Standards to investigate.

You can also report faulty items, counterfeit goods such as DVDs, CDs and alcohol and illicit tobacco, instances of age restricted products being sold to minors, Door Step Crime incidents and Scams.

How to report a trading standards issue

  • Call the National Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 0808 223 1133
  • Visit the National Citizens' Advice Consumer Service website for information about your rights as a consumer and how to report an issue to Trading Standards

All phone calls and emails are treated in the strictest of confidence and the trader will not find out who reported them.
National Citizens Advice Consumer Service also offer a range of template letters to use if you want to complain to a company about faulty goods or services

View consumer template letters on Citizens' Advice website.

Advice for businesses

If you are a business and require bespoke advice tailored to help your business comply with the law, visit the Business Companion website.

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