Summer fire safety advice

Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is urging people to stay safe from accidental fires in the garden if using barbecues or chimineas over the summer.
  • With gas barbecues, residents are advised to check them thoroughly before they are used to ensure there is no damage to the cylinder.  Also, ensure the hose is correctly connected to the barbecue and that it is not damaged.
  • Barbecues and chimineas should be placed on a flat surface to ensure they don’t wobble or topple over.
  • They should be kept away from combustible materials, such as paper, washing, bushes, sheds and fences.
  • People should never light a barbecue indoors or inside a tent as they produce carbon monoxide, which can cause illness, loss of consciousness and death in confined spaces - you cannot see, taste or smell carbon monoxide.
  • The grill should never be left unattended and gas barbecues should always be switched off after use.
  • People are also advised not to cook food while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Children and pets should also be kept away from cooking appliances.
  • Disposable and coal barbecues should only be lit using correct lighting methods such as a firelighter and always check the instructions.
  • Petrol and accelerants should never be used to fuel barbecues or chimineas.
  • They also take time to cool down after use and people should ensure ashes have properly cooled before they are disposed of.
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