How can I use Shared Lives?

If you have a disability, or a care need, and you live in Knowsley you may be able to use the Shared Lives service.

A care manager from Knowsley Adult Social Care will complete an assessment of need with you.

If you and your care manager feel that Shared Lives may be right for you, they will contact us on your behalf.

If you do not have a care manager you, or your family, can contact the Knowsley Access Team on 0151 443 2600 to request one. 

How will I meet a carer?

You will be visited by a Shared Lives worker, who will complete a form with you called the Service User Plan, about how you wish to be supported. You will then meet the person who we think may be suitable to support you either in your home or the home of the Shared Lives Carer.  If you are both happy you will agree to start a partnership.

What will I do when I am there? 

You can continue with your usual activities or you might want to get involved in the carers’ activities or family life.

How much do I have to pay?

Some of the money you receive each week (your benefits), or money you have saved up, may have to be used to help pay for the things you need, or the services you receive.

You will be visited by someone from Knowsley’s Financial Assessment and Charging team, who will discuss your income with you and work out how much per week you will need to pay.

If you receive respite from the Shared Lives scheme, you will be expected to pay a charge towards your support. The amount will depend on your age.

This money MUST be given to your Shared Lives carer on your arrival for your short break. Knowsley Council Adult Social Care will pay the remainder of your support costs.

See the Shared Lives Service User Guide

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