Becoming a Shared Lives Carer

We need carers of all ages and from all backgrounds to help us look after vulnerable adults in Knowsley.

Many people who enquire about becoming a Shared Lives carer often tell us that they ‘probably aren’t right’ but the truth is if you care, have a spare bedroom and time, then you are.  

As a Shared Lives Carer you can support up to three people in your home, providing long term support or short breaks.  

You will be self-employed, responsible paying tax directly to HMRC. However there are tax breaks available for Shared Lives carers. 

Shared Lives carers are not paid by the hour and do not work to a fixed schedule, but are paid an agreed daily or weekly rate.

This can include a payment from the service user and a Housing Benefit rent contribution.

The assessment process can take up to 3-4 months to complete, and, if successful, you will then be matched with a suitable person.

For more information about Becoming a Shared Lives carer, download our leaflet.

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