Children's Centres

Knowsley Council Children’s Centre’s bring together a range of services that work in partnership to improve the lives of all young children aged 0-5 years and their families.

Children’s centres provide a range of free services for families in the local community.  Agencies and organisations work together to deliver services that meet the individual needs of both children and their parents/carers, with a particular emphasis on the needs of children under 5.

Knowsley has a mixture of diverse families and communities.  Each Children’s Centre offers services tailored to meet that community’s needs.

The services delivered in each Children’s Centre will depend on the context and characteristics of its local area.

There are 10 Children’s Centres in Knowsley – one in Halewood, four in Kirkby, four in Huyton and one in Whiston.

All offer support to parents, carers and families to give their children the best possible start. 

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