Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board

The Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board is a multi-agency, statutory partnership whose main objective is to ensure that local safeguarding arrangements and partners act to help and protect adults at risk of abuse and neglect across Knowsley, Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral.

Please note, you can report a concern about an adult at risk to us online.

Membership of the Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board includes senior managers from the NHS, the four local authorities and Merseyside Police alongside members from other emergency services, probation services and the voluntary sector.

The board’s primary responsibility is to ensure that adults in Merseyside, who may be at risk, are able to live fulfilling lives, free from abuse and neglect.  The board’s role is to lead adult safeguarding arrangements and oversee and coordinate the effectiveness of the safeguarding work of its member and partner agencies.

Safeguarding Principles

The board through its practice, and that of its sub groups, is committed to the six principles which underpin safeguarding:


Individuals at risk and the wider community are given the right information to recognise abuse and what they can do to keep themselves safe. They should be given clear information on how to report abuse and crime, and what support and advice is available to them. The person, or their representative, should be consulted before any safeguarding action is taken.


It is better to take action before harm occurs. Accountable agencies will train staff to recognise signs and take action to prevent abuse. In all aspects of agencies’ work, consideration must be given to how communities can become safer.


The individual at risk and, where appropriate, partner agencies, will be consulted before any safeguarding action is taken; any safeguarding response should be least intrusive and proportionate to risk. 


Accountable agencies must have effective ways of assessing and managing risk. Local complaints and reporting arrangements for abuse must work well. Local people will be given the opportunity to understand how accountable agencies can be contacted.


Local multi-agency partnership arrangements need to be in place and staff need to understand and use local procedures. Local solutions are found through services working with the community.


The roles of all agencies should be clear, together with lines of accountability. Staff need to understand what is expected of them and others. Agencies must recognise their responsibilities to each other, act upon them and accept collective responsibility for safeguarding arrangements.

The board will ensure that these principles are translated into positive, personalised outcomes for individuals who are at risk of abuse and neglect.


For more information, please visit the Merseyside Safeguarding Adults Board website.


There are a number of documents available to read: