Paying for care

People in England receiving adult social care services must pay for their care. You should expect to pay towards the cost of care services unless your assets, savings and income are very low. 

Can I get help paying for my care?

Usually, if you have more than £23,250 in savings or other investments, we’ll ask you to pay the full cost of your care and support services.  
This means that you’re a 'self-funder' and you can choose to arrange your own services and support. You can find local care and support services on The Live Well Directory   

What counts towards the £23,250?

Any money you hold in bank accounts or ISAs, any shares you own, and any cash you have. Any land or property that you own but don’t live in and any other investments you have.
The property that you live in will only be taken into account if you need to go into residential care.

If you have less than £23,250

You may still have to pay towards the cost of your care and support, but you may not have to pay for all of it.  To find out whether we can help you with your care costs, we’ll do a financial assessment which looks at your income, savings and capital to work out how much you’ll need to contribute. 

You can find out more information about financial assessments in our Charging Policy.

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