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Local and voluntary adoption agencies are required to have an adoption panel.  The panel must consider each aspect of the agency's adoption work and the panel's recommendation must be taken into account by the agency when making its decision.

Does the adoption panel decide who can become an adopter?

No, the panel is responsible for the following:

  • To recommend the approval of adopters.

  • To recommend the matching of adopters to individual children.

Who is on the panel?

Up to ten members comprising of the Panel Chair, a Vice Chair, a social worker, independent members with links to adoption, a councillor and consultant paediatrician.  There is also a senior solicitor and a Panel Adviser from the Adoption Service, but they cannot make recommendations or take part in any voting process. However, they are there to offer guidance to the panel.

Can adopters attend panel meetings?

Adopters are asked if they would like to attend the panel at the recommendation for approval stage or matching stage. If you don't wish to attend, it won't go against you. The social worker who has submitted the application will also attend the panel to answer any questions panel members may have.
For further information about the panel, contact Knowsley Adoption Service using the details on the right.

Other contact information

Adoption Service Regulatory Authority OFSTED
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