Schedule of street naming and numbering charges 2023/24

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Street naming and numbering 2023/24 charge (VAT not applicable)
Renaming of a new road (per road) £262
Renaming of an existing road - where requested by developers/residents (per road) £262
Alteration of a road name for unoccupied street  £262
Repositioning of street name on new development  £262
Naming of a dwelling (per property) £118
Renaming of an existing dwelling (per property) £118
Street numbering - including flats, apartments etc. (per plot) £70
Numbering of a new dwelling (per property) £70
Plot numbering of a new development (per plot) £70
Renumbering scheme for occupied dwellings (per plot) £70
Renumbering individual dwelling - including flats (per plot) £70
Addressing of new industrial zone £262
Numbering of industrial units (per unit) £113
Commerical building naming or renaming (per unit) £200
Charges to development layout after initial notification - residential or industrial (per change) £90
Confirmation of postal address for solicitors or conveyancers £56
Plot to postal chart £73
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