Introduction to the Local Plan

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan sets out the vision for future development in the borough. Local Plans are used to help decide on planning applications and other planning related decisions. In effect, they are the local guide to what can be built where, shaping infrastructure investments and determining the future pattern of development in the borough.

How the Local Plan is prepared

1. Gather evidence
The council conducts a range of detailed studies and considers everything a Local Plan needs, like how many new homes and jobs are needed and what supporting infrastructure is required.
2. Consider options
The council considers the ways our future development needs could be met and outlines a preferred option.
3. Consultation (Regulation 18)
The options are presented to the public for consultation and comments on the options are invited.
4. Review comments
The council reviews comments made during the public consultation and after careful consideration, publishes a draft Local Plan.
5. Representation (Regulation 19)
The draft Local Plan is published for representations to be submitted on its 'soundness'.
6. Examination in public
The Secretary of State appoints an Independent Planning Inspector to examine the draft Local Plan. Public hearing sessions are held during this stage.
7. Adopt the Local Plan
The Planning Inspector’s final report recommends whether the council can adopt the plan. Once adopted, the Local Plan will be used to make decisions on all planning applications.

Get Involved

Please contact us if you wish to have your details on our Local Plan consultation database to receive updates on when consultations begin and have your say.

What is the Knowsley Local Plan: Core Strategy?

The Knowsley Local Plan comprises several documents. The Core Strategy part of the Local Plan sets the strategic framework for the growth and development of Knowsley up to 2028 and beyond. It sets out how and where new development and regeneration should take place and therefore promotes, guides, and manages the future development of the borough. The Core Strategy also shapes the investment plans of the Council and other public, voluntary, and private sector organisations.

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