Knowsley Evidence Base (EB)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
The Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) identifies how much land is potentially available for housing in the urban area. The first SHLAA (published in March 2010) was carried out jointly with Knowsley, Sefton and West Lancashire Council. Updates for Knowsley were conducted in 2011 and 2012.

Please note: The Council has produced an update to the housing land supply position, within the Knowsley Housing Position Statement, published in July 2013. This is available from the "Supporting Documents and Assessments" part of the Examination Library here (document reference SD22).

Knowsley Housing Needs Assessment 2021
The Knowsley Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) 2021 was undertaken by arc4 on behalf of the council.  This HNA provides an evidence base for the council to support the development of the council’s new Housing Strategy, future Local Plan and other housing related policies / strategies. The HNA provides an assessment of Knowsley’s housing market and its housing needs. This includes an analysis of the social, economic, demographic and housing characteristics across the borough. The HNA identifies the type and size of the housing needed in the borough, alongside needs by tenure and household type. The HNA also considers the need for affordable housing across the borough.   

Strategic Housing Market Assessment
The Knowsley Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) was carried out by David Couttie Associates on behalf of the Council. The Study built upon the Knowsley Housing Needs Assessment 2009 to provide a robust evidence base, particularly with regard to the future balance of supply and demand in terms of tenure, type, size and location and affordability of housing in Knowsley. The SHMA was subject to a 4 week period of public consultation between 3rd June and 10th June 2010.

Knowsley Housing Needs Assessment
The Knowsley Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) was carried out by David Couttie Associates on behalf of the Council. The Study updated the 2007 Housing Needs Survey, including re-weighting data and updating forecasts and needs assessments.

Knowsley Economic Viability Assessment
The Knowsley Economic Viability Assessment was undertaken by consultants Keppie Massie (with Arup and Tweeds) in 2012. The study considers the viability of a range of new development in Knowsley, and the impacts of Local Plan policiess on this.. The study is a key piece of evidence for the Local Plan, and will inform the Council’s future approaches to setting policies relating to developer contributions.

Joint Employment Land and Premises Study (JELPS)
The joint Employment Land and Premises Study (ELPS) was carried out by the BE Group on behalf of Knowsley, Halton, Sefton, and West Lancashire Councils. The Study considered the need for additional business land and the quality of existing industrial estates and business parks.  It has a base date of April 2008 and was subject to a formal 6 week period of public consultation between 28th May and 9th July 2009.

Knowsley and Sefton Green Belt Study
Knowsley and Sefton Councils jointly carried out a Green Belt study using a common methodology. The study identifies land in the Green Belt which has the potential to be developed in order to meet future housing and employment needs, whilst minimising the impact on the green belt. The final version of the study was completed in October 2012.

Transportation Evidence
Two Transport Studies have been produced to assess the transport implications of developments being brought forward in the Local Plan. The Transport Feasibility Study was produced by AECOM to assess transport implications and issues which may arise from development of each of the sites. The Transport Modelling Report produced by Mott MacDonald is at a more strategic level and assesses the overall impact of the Local Plan on transport issues. Both studies were completed in 2012.

Knowsley Town Centres and Shopping Study
The Knowsley Town Centres and Shopping Study provides evidence for the town centre and retail policy aspects of the Local Plan. It assesses the quantitative and qualitative need for retail and other town centres in the future. A first report (stage 1) was published in November 2009 while a second report (stage 2) was completed in May 2010.

Flood Risk Assessments
The Strategic Flood Risk Assessments provide an overview of flood risk in Knowsley. The SFRA Part 1 focuses on future development in the borough but does not focus upon individual properties or sites. The SFRA Part 2 provides more detailed information regarding the nature of flood risk at a number of sites being considered for allocation in the Local Plan.
The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA) report was submitted to the Environment Agency and approved in October 2011. According to the guidelines set by the Environment Agency / DEFRA, Knowsley does not have a nationally significant flood risk.

Delivering a new future for Knowsley Industrial Park
Knowsley Council, in partnership with the Northwest Development Agency (NWDA), commissioned this study to review the role of Knowsley Industrial Park (KIP) and Business Park. The study provides a physical development and investment framework to drive future increased business growth at KIP, reinforcing its role as a major city region and regional business and employment hub.

Knowsley Industrial park Energy network Feasibility Study
This study sets out recommendations for managing an energy network system in Knowsley Industrial Park. These cover the technical and economic viability of such a network, as well as a plan for the procurement of a strategic partner to assist in its delivery. The study features a wide range of infrastructure elements, including studies of existing infrastructure and energy supplies, as well as investigation of different infrastructure configurations which could be applied in Knowsley Industrial Park.

Knowsley Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Options Study
The Knowsley Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Options Study identifies opportunities and constraints to the potential development of renewable or low carbon technologies in Knowsley, including biomass, combined heat and power, wind energy, solar thermal, photovoltaic and ground source heat pumps. The study was finalised in July 2009.

Knowsley Landscape Character Assessment
The Knowsley Landscape Character Assessment identifies and describes the character and distinctiveness of the Boroughs landscape. The report sets the context in terms of both national and local planning policy and establishes links with the Merseyside Historic Characterisation Project. Six landscape character types are identified.

Knowsley Greenspace Audit
The Knowsley Greenspace Audit provides an up-to-date audit of all open space provision throughout the Borough and also recommends priorities for open space, recreation and sports provision which inform the preparation of the Local Plan. The study was finalised in September 2012.

Knowsley Playing Pitch Assessment
The Council has worked closely with Sport England to prepare the Knowsley Playing Pitch Assessment and Strategy. The process involved an initial audit of all pitches, users and providers in Knowsley, and consultation with clubs, pitch owners/operators and schools. The findings were fed into Sport England’s Playing Pitch Model (PPM) methodology, which bases forecasts upon pitches which currently are or could be made available for community use. The results of this process informed strategy recommendations and an associated action plan. The study was finalised in September 2012 and has been formally endorsed by Sport England.

Knowsley Open Space, Recreation and Sports Needs Assessment and Strategy
The Knowsley Open Space, Recreation and Sports Needs Assessment and Strategy was completed by PMP on behalf of Knowsley Council. The study includes an audit of all open space provision throughout the borough and also provides a clear vision, priorities for future open space, recreation and sport provision and a direction for the allocation of future resources. The study was finalised in April 2005.

Knowsley Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
The Knowsley Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) has been developed by Knowsley MBC and NHS Knowsley to identify and address the key health and wellbeing needs of its residents. The assessment identifies 34 health and wellbeing needs.

Knowsley Partnership Needs Assessment
The Knowsley Partnership Strategic Needs Assessment is produced and updated by the Council and its partners. The document reviews key social, economic, health and wellbeing issues affecting the Borough and its communities, and is used to inform policy making and priority setting across the Council and Partnership.

Knowsley Core Evidence Base
This study comprehensively examined economic, social and environmental conditions in the area, including recent changes across a wide range of issues, and assessed the likely future direction of the area.  It provides data and analysis for Knowsley Council and the Local Strategic Partnership to help them plan their activities by identifying key challenges and opportunities.

Plan Knowsley Workshops
The Plan Knowsley Workshops were a series of interactive stakeholder engagement workshops conducted in July 2008. The primary objective of the ‘Plan Knowsley’ workshops was to establish an initial understanding of the views of key local stakeholders, working towards the creation of a vision for the emerging Core Strategy.

Phase 1 Habitats Survey - South Whiston and Land to the South of the M62
This extended Phase 1 Habitats Survey was undertaken by Merseyside Environament Advisory Service (MEAS) in October 2013 at land at south Whiston and south of the M62. The report comprises initial ecological value views and makes recommendations for further ecological survey work.

South Whiston Infrastructure and Development Options Study
Mott MacDonald was commissioned by Knowsley Council to carry out an assessment of the strategic infrastructure and financial considerations of developing two sites in the borough in 2014. Both locations are being proposed as areas for Green Belt release via the emerging Local Plan: Core Strategy. These sites are referred to as the ‘Land South of Whiston’ and ‘Land South of M62’ Sustainable Urban Extensions.

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