Knowsley Major Development Team Feedback

Knowsley Major Development Team was established in 2017 to provide enhanced services to developers and investors, to accelerate growth in Knowsley. This survey asks for feedback about your engagement with the team.

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1. At what stage is your project or engagement with the Major Development Team? :

2. Would you agree that we have provided enhanced services to accelerate growth in Knowsley?:

3a. In respect of your experience of working with us, please provide details of what has worked well:
3b. In respect of your experience of working with us, please provide details of what areas we can improve on:
4. How likely are you to engage with us again?:

5. What is the most influential factor over a decision to invest or develop in Knowsley?:

6. How likely are you to recommend us to others looking at investing and developing in Knowsley?:

7. Please add any further feedback:
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