Local Plan document library

Core Strategy Documents (CS)

This includes only key consultation documents published as part of the preparation of the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy. The documents include previous consultation versions of the Core Strategy, including the Issues and Options Paper and Preferred Options Report, as well as the Proposed Submission and Submission Documents.

Council Reports and Minutes (CR)

The Knowsley Cabinet have approved the Core Strategy at each key stage of its development: Issues and Options, Preferred Options and Proposed Submission. The Proposed Submission Core Strategy was also approved by the Council. These documents include the reports sent to both Cabinet and Council and the minutes from the relevant meetings.

Examination Documents (EX)

This includes documents submitted by the Inspector and the Council during the examination, and items from the Programme Officer.
This also includes all hearing statements submitted by the Council (CH) and Representors (RH, RC), as well as additional evidence base and supported documents (AD) submitted during the Examination process.

Knowsley Evidence Base (EB)

These documents have been produced by the council, and in some cases commissioned expert consultants, to provide primary and secondary research to inform and justify planning policy decisions, including those set out in the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy. Evidence base documents cover a wide range of issues affecting Knowsley, including housing land supply, economic viability, greenspaces and playing pitches, and flood risk assessments.

Legislation and Regulations (LR)

This category includes the planning related legislation and regulations produced by national government which influenced the development of the Knowsley Local Plan: Core Strategy.

Liverpool City Region and Regional Evidence Base (LC)

These are evidence base documents prepared for a wider area than the Borough, including studies commissioned on a sub-regional basis, or across a number of neighbouring authorities.

Planning Policy Documents (PP)

This includes all non-Core Strategy planning policy documents produced by the Council, including the adopted Unitary Development Plan, the Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan, as well as a range of adopted Supplementary Planning Documents. This category also includes process documents produced to support the Local Plan, including Monitoring Reports, the Local Development Scheme and the Statement of Community Involvement.

Policy and Guidance (PG)

This contains national, regional and local policy documents which have informed the policies in the Core Strategy. This includes the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), the now abolished Regional Spatial Strategy, City Region Strategies and local policies and guidance for Knowsley.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Other Planning Policy documents include those documents which are outside of the statutory development plan, like Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). These support the policies in the Local Plan, and can provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues.

Supporting Documents and Assessments (SD)

These documents have been produced specifically to support the Core Strategy. The documents include the results of previous consultation exercises, as well as the reports of assessments including the Sustainability Appraisal, Habitats Regulations Assessment, Health Impact Assessment and Equality Impact Assessment. The Infrastructure Delivery Plan, Monitoring Framework and Duty to Cooperate Statement can also be found within this category.

Technical Reports (TR)

These documents have been produced by the Council specifically to support the preparation of the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy. The technical reports cover a range of topics, and are intended to provide a bridge between evidence base documents and the policies in the Core Strategy document. These reports have been designed to be easy to navigate, and to succinctly set out reasoned justifications for a number of different Core Strategy policies.

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