Adopted documents

There are a number of different planning policy documents in place for Knowsley. These include statutory documents in the Local Plan, other planning policy documents and process documents.

Local Plan Core Strategy

The Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy was adopted in January 2016. The full adoption version of the document is available below:

The following documents are published alongside the Core Strategy.

You can view the Inspector’s Report issued in November 2015 here. The Inspector’s Report contains (within its Appendix) a schedule of the “Main Modifications” included in the Plan.

The Plan also incorporates further modifications proposed and approved by the Council in January 2016:

These documents are available to view in council libraries. Please see the Adoption Statement for further details.

Unitary Development Plan

The Knowsley Replacement Unitary Development Plan was adopted in June 2006. The full document is available below:

Under the transitional arrangements for moving to the Local Plan system, all but four of the 82 individual UDP policies were “saved” by the Secretary of State on 12 June 2009. An additional three UDP policies were replaced on adoption of the Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan (see below). A further 36 policies were deleted on adoption of the Local Plan Core Strategy.

This leaves 39 UDP Policies which continue to be saved. The Local Plan Core Strategy Appendix C gives a full schedule of which UDP Policies continue to be saved.

Local Plan Policies Map

The Local Plan Policies Map incorporates amendments made following the adoption of the Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan in July 2013 and the Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy in 2016.

The Policies Map is available as an interactive tool on the following link:

Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan

The Merseyside and Halton Joint Waste Local Plan was adopted as part of the Local Plans of the six constituent authorities in July 2013. The Plan provides a range of policies and site allocations aimed at supporting a sustainable waste management framework for the Liverpool City Region for the period up to 2027.

The Plan is available to download below, accompanied by a set of site profiles and the final Inspectors Report relating to the soundness of the Plan.

Implementation and Monitoring Reports relating to the Waste Local Plan are available on the Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service website.

Further information regarding the Merseyside and Halton Waste Local Plan, please visit the or Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service website please contact the Waste Local Plan team on 0151 934 2804 or email [email protected]

Supplementary planning documents

Other Planning Policy documents include those documents which are outside of the statutory development plan, like Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). These support the policies in the Local Plan, and can provide further guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues.

Local Development Order

The Local Development Order (LDO) will apply to all of the land within Knowsley Industrial and Business Parks, and its overall purpose is to support the regeneration of the Parks and to maximise the contribution they make to the local and sub-regional economy. It will achieve this by simplifying the planning permission requirements for the area, and in so doing support existing businesses, stimulate additional investment and help deliver improvements to the public realm and image of the area. This Local Development Order expired on 28 January 2018 and its policies are no longer in force.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement is the document that explains how Knowsley Council will involve the community in planning issues. Community involvement has a vital role to play in planning decision making and this document sets out in detail how this will be conducted.

Local Development Scheme

As part of the Local Plan, the council must prepare a Local Development Scheme (LDS), which sets out the schedule for the plan's preparation. The LDS has the following roles:

  • It provides a starting point for the people of Knowsley to find out about the planning policies for the borough and how they can get involved in the process
  • It sets out when and what planning policy documents we will produce as part of the Local Plan
  • It sets a timetable for the review of the planning policy documents once they have been prepared

The council published a fourth revision to the LDS for Knowsley in July 2013. Download the Local Development Scheme July 2013 document.

Liverpool City Region Spatial Planning Statement of Common Ground

The Liverpool City Region Spatial Planning Statement of Common Ground has been agreed between the local authorities of Halton, Knowsley, Liverpool, St.Helens, Sefton, West Lancashire and Wirral, along with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority. The Statement has been prepared jointly in response to the National Planning Policy Framework (February 2019) requirement for strategic policy-making authorities to document agreement and cooperation on cross boundary strategic planning matters1. It also forms part of the evidence required by local planning authorities to demonstrate compliance with the Duty to Cooperate on spatial planning matters.

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