Registering a stillbirth

Who To Contact

Knowsley Register Office
High Street, Prescot
L34 3LD
Opening times: 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri

Telephone: 0151 443 2900

Email: [email protected]


A stillborn child is a child born after week 24 of pregnancy who did not show any sign of life after being born.

If your baby was born before week 24, we cannot register the stillbirth for you. However, you can still arrange a funeral for your baby.

Stillbirths should be registered within 42 days of your child being born.

Place of birth

If your baby was born in Whiston Hospital, the staff will give you a certificate and explain where you need to register your baby’s stillbirth.  This is usually at Knowsley Register Office.

If your baby was not born in hospital, but somewhere else in Knowsley, you can still register with us.

If your baby was born in a different hospital or outside Knowsley, we can take the information from you but we cannot register the stillbirth.  We will send the information on to the register office in the district where your baby was born.  That office will then issue the documents you may need to arrange a funeral.

Who should register?

If the parents were married to each other at the time of conception or stillbirth, either parent can register alone.  If not, and you want the father’s details to be entered in the register, then both parents can attend to sign the register together.

The registration process should take about half an hour to complete. Please note that you will need to provide the medical certificate, issued by the doctor or midwife present at the time of the stillbirth.

If either parent is unable to attend, please contact us.

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