Marriage and civil partnership venues

Outdoor gazebo

Who To Contact

Knowsley Register Office
High Street, Prescot
L34 3LD
Opening times: 9am - 5pm Mon to Fri

Telephone: 0151 443 2900

Email: [email protected]


Under the Marriage Act of 1994 civil marriages and civil partnerships may take place in a variety of premises.

Knowsley Registration Office

Knowsley Registration Service offer a variety of rooms at the office to suit all tastes, ranging from a small ceremony room for couples who wish to have their ceremony in a more personal environment to the unique garden gazebo.

Knowsley approved venues

The following venues in Knowsley have been approved for civil marriages / civil partnerships;

Fees and venues from April 2023 to March 2024

See the fees list.

Please contact us for further information. You will also need to contact your chosen venue to make arrangements for your ceremony.

Give notice of your intention to marry or form a civil partnership

Church of England weddings

If you are planning a Church of England wedding you should contact the vicar for advice on the legal requirements for marriage and fees.

Weddings at any other religious buildings

If you are planning to marry in a church or religious building (that is not the Church of England) you should:

  • Arrange to see the person in charge of marriages at the building
  • Live in the same district as the church or religious building
  • Give notice of marriage at your local register office

You can only be married in a church in a different district from where you both live if:

  • One or both parties usually worship in that building
  • There is no church of your religion in the district where you or the person you are marrying lives

Getting married if you are ill

If you are not able to attend a church or register office because of long term or serious illness you can be married at home or in hospital. Please contact us for further advice and guidance.

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