Youth Community Fund & Short Break Small Grants Programme

The Youth Community Fund is a grant application programme which forms part of the overall Integrated Youth Service offer. The main purpose of the Youth Community Fund is to provide a range of positive and engaging activities that meet the needs and wishes of children and young people across Knowsley.
The Short Break Small Grants Programme is part of Knowsley’s Short Breaks Programme and will support organisations working to improve the lives of disabled children and their families in Knowsley. This forms part of the wider range of services available to parents and carers of children with disabilities and special needs (SEND) called the ‘Local Offer.’
The annual community and needs led grant programmes are aligned to the Knowsley Better Together principles, and is aimed at supporting new, start-up community-led projects to become, over time, self-sustaining, and to enhance the wider local offer.
Grants of up to £5,000 can be applied for under each application process, and successful projects will be required to commence within the financial year 2023/24.


To be eligible to apply for a Youth Community Fund grant, the project MUST provide evidence and information that meets at least one of the following categories that have been identified by young people:

  • Computer gaming, coding, animation and app workshops or activities.
  • Outdoor activities including a range of sports and outdoor adventures (e.g., football, gym, roller-skating, canoeing etc)
  • Creative skills such as media, graffiti, photography, dance, drama, theatre etc.
  • Group project activities e.g., dance or music projects that end with a show or festival for young people.
  • Independence skills such as cooking, painting, and decorating etc that run alongside fun activities.

To be eligible to apply for a Short Break Small Grants programme, the project MUST provide evidence and information that meets at least one of the following categories that have been identified by young people:

  • Providing short break activities for children and young people with disability needs with a particular focus on mixed activity fun days, cooking and outdoor adventures. 
  • Providing short break activities for young people aged 19-25 promoting independence skills and supporting transitions to adulthood.
  • Delivering support to parents/carers of children and young people with a disability (e.g., parent support groups, workshops, etc) 
  • Supporting families with a child/ren with additional needs aged 0-4 (e.g., stay & play, outreach, network groups, etc) 
  • Whole family activities/events (e.g., involving parents & siblings in events, trips out, regular gatherings/groups, etc – however please see further info within Financial Eligibility section) 

*Where an organisation is already delivery one of the above activities, the provider must be able to show additionality to be eligible for grant funding. For example, expanding the capacity of the service to reach more children and young people.

Application Process

The deadline for Youth Community Fund and Short Break Small Grants programme for 2023-24 is 9am Monday 24 July 2023 and you will be required to register and apply by following the link.

All applications must be submitted via the portal; however, you can find a copy of the application questions, application guidance notes and eligibility criteria here:   

There will be a chance to meet the Panel online to discuss the Youth Community Fund and Short Breaks Small Grants Programme and answer any questions, as well as provide support in completing the application. To register your interest and receive a calendar invite or to request further information, please email [email protected]

The following dates will be made available:

  • Tuesday 4 July 2023 – 5pm - 6pm
  • Monday 17 July 2023 – 5pm - 6pm

What happens next?


Completed applications will be reviewed for eligibility. You may be contacted for more information after applying and recommendations will then be made to the Council’s Cabinet considering the Fund’s criteria and the budget available.

Confirmation of funding

Once support for the project has been approved, Knowsley Council will send confirmation of the funding award to the successful organization. The project can then begin to be implemented. All payments will be made via the relevant organisation’s bank account.
All recipient organisations will be required to formally sign terms and conditions in relation to the allocation of funding at the beginning of the application process via a Grant Agreement. This process is in place to ensure that public funds are protected. The Council expects decisions to be made within 6 weeks of the closing date for applications.


Successful applicants will need to demonstrate how project outcomes have been met and explain what tools and methods have been used to gather that information. An End of Grant Monitoring Form will be provided, and grant recipients are expected to collect data on the progress of their beneficiaries during the period of the grant, share feedback, and provide a short case study to ensure that the positive impacts against each priority can be recorded, shared, and celebrated.
This form will record: -

  • Confirmation that all funding has been spent in accordance with the agreed funding approval (evidence should be available for inspection by the Council)
  • Progress of the project compared to the approved activity.
  • The number of beneficiaries involved in the project.

The work carried out, e.g., training provided, volunteering opportunities, pupils supported etc. Overall, the form will evaluate the outcomes of the project and confirm what work was carried out. It will explain how objectives were met and will request a robust evaluation of the project. Photographs can also be submitted with the End of Grant Monitoring Form or uploaded to the online portal throughout the funding period so that improvements can be recorded. The End of Grant Monitoring Form will evidence the work completed and will link closely to the Fund's criteria, aims, and objectives.


Who can apply?

Registered charities, constituted voluntary, community and faith organisations, community interest companies, community benefit societies, charitable incorporated organisations, and community amateur sports clubs who have a good history of delivery.
The Council is also keen to support newly established organisations which can demonstrate that they have strong governance structures in place.

Can I submit more than one application for my organisation?

Yes, organisations can apply for one grant only of up to £5,000 to each funding programme. Equating to two applications only per organisation.

Am I able to view what questions I will be asked in ahead of starting an online application?

Yes, ahead of starting, you can view a full list of questions you will be asked here.


I need help with my application, who can I ask?

Please email [email protected]

What if I have started my application and I need help?

Once you have registered your details on the funding portal and are able to log in, you will be able to use the messaging function to ask questions.

Is there a deadline that I have to submit my application by?

Yes. Deadline for submission of applications is 9am Monday 24 July 2023. Due to the need to assess applications effectively and issue funds to successful organisations, under no circumstances will applications be accepted after this deadline.

What are the supporting documents I will need to submit with by online application form?

NB* it is advised that you locate these documents ahead of starting your online application. Failure to provide required documentation will result in applications being rejected.

We require a copy of your:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Employers Liability Insurance (where applicable)
  • Diversity & Equal Opportunities policy
  • A risk assessment covering your organisation's activities.
  • Safeguarding Policy for Children/Vulnerable Adults
  • Covid 19 policy for staff, volunteers, trustees, and clients
  • Copy of organisation's latest bank statement
  • Names of a least two signatories on the business account
  • A copy of your latest accounts

How are decisions communicated?

We aim to give you a decision about your application within 8 weeks

Decisions are issued live via council social media channels, as the approving cabinet meeting takes place fortnightly with a view to funds will be issued from early September 2023.

Additional to this, a message will be generated via the messaging function within the funding portal.

Can I get feedback as to why my application has not been successful?

You will receive a message via the funding portal informing you on this occasion that you have not been successful. Where possible we will provide some specific feedback on why the application was unsuccessful but please note that sometimes it can be purely due to oversubscription.

Can I appeal the decision?

No. All decisions made by the Cabinet are final.

How are grants paid?

If approved, grants are paid by electronic transfer direct to your bank, which is why we ask for an up-to-date bank statement. 

If successful, what sort of reporting will I need to do?

We require all our grant recipients to complete an End of Grant Monitoring form once they have finished spending the grant. This will be issued direct to you via the funding portal at the end of your Funding period however, you will have the option to upload evidence onto your account within the Funding portal throughout the duration of your Funding period.

I don’t think I will be able to spend my full grant allocation within the Funding period, what should I do?

Any underspend against your project must be notified to the council at the earliest opportunity in order to obtain further advice and guidance. Failure to do may result in the full amount of the grant being recalled.

My project has changed from its original plan, what should I do?

Any variations from original application submissions must be notified to the council at the earliest opportunity. You will be able to do this via the online messaging function within the funding portal. We will need to know the reason for the variation request and whether this will impact when the funding will be spent.

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