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The Stronger Communities Fund closed for applications on 4 December 2022.

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Are national organisations able to apply?
Yes, but the organisation’s head office needs to have a permanent local presence in Knowsley that delivers projects and services for people in the area. There should be a local management team and be able to provide evidence of income and expenditure for activity in Knowsley rather than national accounts.

Do you consider CICs?​
We only consider CICs limited by guarantee and we require at least three directors to be in place and they must be unrelated.
Please refer to the Funds Guidance Notes.

Can I submit more than one application for my organisation?
Yes, organisations can apply for one grant only of up to £10,000 and one grant only of up to £2,000. Equating to two applications only per organisation.

Am I able to view what questions I will be asked in ahead of starting an online application?
Yes, ahead of starting, you can view a full list of questions you will be asked.

I need help with my application, who can I ask?
Ahead of starting your application, if you need clarification on a specific question or if you are new to writing applications then please do not hesitate to contact your Stronger Communities Coordinator on the details below:
[email protected] – Halewood
[email protected] – Prescot, Whiston, Cronton and Knowsley Village
[email protected] – Kirkby
[email protected] – Huyton

There will also be a series of workshops available for you to attend, via MS Teams, before starting your application. If you would like to book onto a session please email [email protected] who will book you on.
Wednesday 16th November 2022 at 9.30 AM
Wednesday 23rd November 2022 at 9.30 AM
Wednesday 30th November 2022 at 9.30 AM

What if I have started my application and I need help?
Once you have registered your details on the funding portal and are able to log in, you will be able to use the messaging function to ask questions.

Is there a deadline that I have to submit my application by?
Yes. Deadline for submission of applications is midnight on Sunday 4 December 2022.  Due to the need to assess applications effectively and issue funds to successful organisations, under no circumstances will applications be accepted after this deadline.

What are the supporting documents I will need to submit with by online application form?
NB* it is advised that you locate these documents ahead of starting your online application. Failure to provide required documentation will result in applications being rejected.

We require a copy of your:

  • Constitution/Memorandum and Articles of Association please note if you have directors in place then to name three that are unrelated. 
  • List of Trustees/Directors/Management Committee members (you need to have a minimum of three that are unrelated in place) 
  • Latest annual accounts or income and expenditure sheet
  • Relevant safeguarding policies that include a named officer, definitions and signs of abuse, review date in the past two years and any procedure that the group follows. 
  • Copy bank statement within the past three months. 

How are decisions communicated?
We aim to give you a decision about your application within 16 weeks

Decisions are issued live via council social media channels, as the approving cabinet meeting takes place on 22 February 2023 with a view to funds will be issued from early March 2023.

Additional to this, a message will be generated via the messaging function within the funding portal.

Can I get feedback as to why my application has not been successful?
You will receive a message via the funding portal informing you on this occasion that you have not been successful. Where possible we will provide some specific feedback on why the application was unsuccessful but please note that sometimes it can be purely due to oversubscription.

Can I appeal the decision?
No. All decisions made by the Cabinet are final.

How are grants paid?
If approved, grants are paid by electronic transfer direct to your bank, which is why we ask for an up to date bank statement. 

If successful, what sort of reporting will I need to do?
We require all our grant recipients to complete an End of Grant Monitoring form once they have finished spending the grant.  This will be issued direct to you via the funding portal at the end of your Funding period however, you will have the option to upload evidence onto your account within the Funding portal throughout the duration of your Funding period.

I don’t think I will be able to spend my full grant allocation within the Funding period, what should I do?
Any underspend against your project must be notified to the council at the earliest opportunity in order to obtain further advice and guidance. Failure to do may result in the full amount of the grant being recalled.

My project has changed from its original plan, what should I do?
Any variations from original application submissions must be notified to the council at the earliest opportunity. You will be able to do this via the online messaging function within the funding portal. We will need to know the reason for the variation request and whether this will impact when the funding will be spent by.

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