Help paying rent

Depending on your circumstances, you can get help to cover the cost of a deposit on a rented property with the Knowsley bond scheme.

For help with other housing problems, the Knowsley Housing Options Service offers advice and support.

Help with rent deposits

The Knowsley Bond Scheme gives your landlord a bond to guarantee that damages or loss of rent are covered.

The arrangement lasts for 12 months from the start of your tenancy. After this, your landlord may choose whether to renew your tenancy without a bond or cash deposit.

If they do require a deposit, the bond scheme can help you arrange this and give advice about the deposit protection schemes.

You may be eligible for a bond if you’re at risk of losing your home, live in an overcrowded property and are living in Knowsley or have done recently.

How to apply for a bond

Please contact the Housing Options Service on 0800 694 0280 to find out if you’re eligible and to apply for.  If you are accepted, the service can also help you find a property and arrange the bond with your landlord.

Knowsley Housing Options Service

Whether you own or rent your property, the Knowsley Housing Options Service offer advice and support with housing problems.

Call 0800 694 0280 for a confidential and private discussion Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm (Wednesday 9am – 4pm). An emergency out-of-hours service is available on the same number.

You can also email the service at