Youth Community Fund

The Youth Community Fund is a new grant application programme which forms part of the overall Integrated Youth Service offer. The main purpose of the Youth Community Fund is to provide a range of positive and engaging activities that meet the needs and wishes of children and young people across Knowsley.

The annual community and needs led Youth Community Grant programme is aligned to the Knowsley Better Together principles, and is aimed at supporting new, start-up community-led projects to become, over time, self-sustaining, and to enhance the wider local offer.
Grants of up to £5,000 can be applied for under this application process, and successful projects will be required to commence within the financial year 2022/23.


To be eligible to apply for a Youth Community Fund grant, the project MUST provide evidence and information that meets at least one of the following categories that have been identified by young people:

  • Computer gaming, coding, animation and app workshops or activities.
  • Outdoor activities including a range of sports and outdoor adventures (e.g., football, gym, roller-skating, canoeing etc).
  • Creative skills such as media, graffiti, photography, dance, drama, theatre etc.
  • Group project activities e.g., dance or music projects that end with a show or festival for young people.
  • Independence skills such as cooking, painting and decorating etc that run alongside fun activities.

*Where an organisation is already delivery one of the above activities, the provider must be able to show additionality in order to be eligible for grant funding.

The application process for 2022/23 has now ended.

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