Your views on adult social care

Published on: Thursday, 20-February-2014


We'd like to hear your views on the personalisation of adult social care.

‘Personalisation’ means that everyone who receives support from their council’s Adult Social Care department has more freedom of choice and control over the use of their Personal Budgets when deciding:

  • The type of care and support they receive,
  • How they receive it; and
  • Who they receive it from

We want to understand how you feel about the type of care and support services you receive. By having your say, you are helping to shape the design, development, commissioning, delivery and review of the local support you receive.

What you tell us matters and will help us and our partners to understand the views of people who use the services provided as well as those who support them.

We're asking people who receive adult social care services and their carers for their views about Personalisation.

Your responses will help us:

  • Look at what we're doing at the moment and check to see how well it’s working.
  • See which areas need to be better and come up with plans to improve things.
  • Let others know how they’re doing - especially within the local community and the people they serve.

Complete the survey.