Waste collection days in Knowsley are changing

Published on: Thursday, 24-September-2015

From 5 October 2015, household waste collection days for Knowsley residents will be changing.

Calendars providing information about the new collection days are being distributed to all households across the borough. The calendars include dates of bin collections from 5 October 2015 to September 2016 (details of collections over the Christmas and New Year period will be provided at a later date).

The changes have followed a thorough review of the borough’s waste collection service aimed at ensuring the collection rounds are operating as efficiently as possible for our residents.

Residents will continue to receive a ‘Week in, Week out’ collection service - with maroon bins collected one week, grey the next and blue garden waste bins emptied on the same day as either the maroon bin or grey bin.

For more information about the upcoming changes contact the Environmental Helpline on 443 2400 or visit the Putting Your Bins Out section of the website where copies of the new calendars can be downloaded.