Use your vote don’t lose IT

Published on: Thursday, 30-July-2015

The Annual Electoral Registration update form soon be sent to all households in the borough and residents are asked to check who is registered to vote at their address.  An early response will not only save the Council money, but also ensure that a canvasser does not knock on your door.  This form updates the current Electoral Register, with the new register coming into force on the 1  December 2015.

Where there are no changes to occupancy, re-registering could not be easier.  You can choose to confirm your details by internet, freephone or text message (details of how to do this are printed on your form) or you can return the form by post.- in the pre paid envelope provided.
If you need to make any changes to the form (for example, add or remove any occupier details) you can inform us online (details of how to do this are printed on your form) or by completing and returning the form by post.

New occupiers also need to register individually – details of how to do this can also be found on the form.

By registering, residents will be able to vote at the Police and Crime Commissioner and Borough Elections taking place on 5 May 2016. 

Please note, if you are not included on the Electoral Register not only will you be unable to vote, you may also have problems confirming your residence for other purposes including applying for credit, applying for a mortgage, opening a bank account etc.