Tyre amnesty for Knowsley businesses

Published on: Friday, 23-October-2015

A tyre amnesty for businesses has been announced in a bid to stop tyres being fly-tipped in Knowsley.

Businesses will be offered the opportunity to dispose of a limited number of *tyres free of charge on Wednesday, 28 October. Further tyres can be disposed of at discounted rates on the day.

To take advantage of the initiative businesses must register for the amnesty by ringing the council on 0151 443 2503. They will be given a voucher enabling them to drop off their tyres. Vouchers will be offered on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Knowsley Council is running the initiative in partnership with Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, the Environment Agency, Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority and Veolia. It’s aimed at reducing the number of fly-tipped tyres and raising companies’ awareness of their legal responsibilities.

It’s also hoped encouraging businesses to dispose of their tyres safely and responsibly will reduce the number of tyres ending up on bonfires and nuisance fires around Bonfire Night.

The campaign will also see council officers visiting businesses ensuring they’re aware of their ‘duty of care’ to ensure that their waste is handled safely and within the law. They must check that anyone taking their waste is licensed to dispose of it lawfully. Failing to make reasonable checks could result in a prosecution and fine.

Cllr Bob Swann, Knowsley Council Cabinet Member for the Environment said: “We are experiencing an increase in the number of tyres being unlawfully fly tipped on land in Knowsley.  As well as being unsightly and a blight on the local environment, illegally dumped tyres can be a fire hazard – producing black smoke and hazardous air pollutants.

We hope the amnesty and campaign will reduce the number of fly-tipped tyres and raise companies’ awareness of their legal responsibilities.”

  • Standard car tyres. Tyres from larger vehicles incur a higher cost