THINK! – don’t drink and drive this Christmas

Published on: Friday, 11-December-2015

Knowsley Council is supporting a national campaign to tackle drink driving over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Department for Transport’s THINK! campaign is targeting people who think it’s okay to have a couple of drinks before they get behind the wheel.

Their research finds that one in ten people would consider driving after having two or more drinks.  However, the campaign is warning that a second drink could double your chances of being in a fatal collision.

THINK! offers the following advice:

  • Don’t think “I can handle my drink” – alcohol affects everybody’s driving for the worse, slowing your reactions, creating a feeling of over-confidence and making your judgment of distance and speed more difficult.
  • It doesn’t matter that you’re “only going down the road”. A large proportion of drink drive crashes occur within three miles of the start of the journey.
  • If you’re planning to drink alcohol, plan how to get home without driving – agree on a designated driver, save a taxi number to your phone or plan to use public transport.
  • Don’t offer an alcoholic drink to someone you know is planning to drive.
  • Don’t accept a lift from a driver you know has drunk alcohol.
  • Beware the morning after – you could be over the legal limit many hours after your last drink, even if it’s the morning after.

The new THINK! campaign shows scenarios where someone might consider having two drinks before driving or choose to drive after drinking and shows the deadly consequences that can occur.

Knowsley Council’s Road Safety Team will be distributing leaflets and posters to staff, all public buildings and to some of the borough’s largest employers.

Meanwhile, Merseyside Police has stepped up its patrols throughout December in hotspot areas to target people who are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.