There’s still time to have a Dry January

Published on: Wednesday, 07-January-2015

Knowsley Council’s Public Health team is still encouraging residents to sign up to Dry January as there are benefits from cutting out alcohol for part of the month.

Research from Alcohol Concern, the charity behind the campaign, shows people who have taken part in the challenge, even if only for part of the month, are now drinking less all year round.

Alternatively people can start the challenge from any date in January and complete the 31 days from that date.

For the first time this year participants can sign up to a brand new online game and receive a wealth of support and knowledge to help monitor their progress throughout the challenge.
The game includes an interactive quiz, an online mocktail bar with alcohol-free recipes as well as calorie and units-saved counters.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley said:

“The New Year may be well underway but there’s still time for people to sign up for the Dry January challenge. Many people are unaware of the impact on their health of regularly drinking in excess of the recommended limits. Taking part in the alcohol-free challenge, even for only part of the month, can help people assess their drinking habits and hopefully lead to them drinking less in the future.”

A Knowsley Dry January 2014 participant, commented:

“It was good to have a break from alcohol. Consuming alcohol regularly, nearly on a daily basis, had crept on me. Having gone for the dry spell I immediately had less urge to drink regularly, and only wanted to drink smaller quantities afterwards.”

To find out more or sign up now with your friends and family visit or call 0151 434 4760. You can also join the Dry January online community at and follow updates on Twitter @dryjanuary.