The Care Act - major changes to care and support

Published on: Tuesday, 11-November-2014

In April next year, the Care Act 2014 will come into force putting individuals and their carers more in control of their own care and support.

The changes will be the most significant for 60 years.

Up until now, the focus has been on what services local authorities can provide, rather than the needs of the individual. This is set to change - meaning that the system will be built around each individual, looking at what they need and how they can be best cared for within their local communities.

The act also sets out clearly when the council will provide support and for the first time it gives carers the same rights as those they care for.

Care and support is something that nearly everyone will experience at some point in their lives; even if you don’t need care yourself, you will probably know a family member or friend who does, or you may care for someone. 

The majority of the changes will come into force in April next year (2015) with further changes planned in April 2016. This will include the capping of care costs – meaning that those aged over 65 won’t pay more than £72,000 towards their care.

The council will be writing to residents affected by these new changes and information will be available in council buildings such as libraries and one stop shops. Further information will be added on the council’s website over the coming months.