Stoptober support for parents as new smoke-free car law comes in

Published on: Thursday, 24-September-2015

New rules come into force on Thursday 1 October banning drivers from smoking in their cars if they are carrying children as passengers. Both the driver and the smoker can be fined £50 if anyone smokes in the vehicle

Knowsley Public Health and Wellbeing backs the move which aims to protect children and young people under 18 from second-hand smoke. The introduction of the new law coincides with the start of Stoptober so there’s lots of support available through the campaign and locally to help parents give up.

Over 80% of cigarette smoke is invisible, and opening windows does not remove its harmful effects. Secondhand smoke is particularly harmful to children as they breathe more rapidly and have less developed airways. Every time a child breathes in secondhand smoke, they breathe in thousands of chemicals, which put them at risk of serious conditions including respiratory infections, meningitis and triggering asthma.

Cllr Eddie Connor, Knowsley Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing said:

“There’s lots of support available for parents trying to stop smoking and with the change in law coinciding with Stoptober there are lots of other people quitting at the same time.

“I would urge anyone who smokes to take part in Stoptober – it will improve your health and your finances as well as protecting your children from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

“In addition to the tools offered through the Stoptober campaign, you can access local support, expertise and medication on prescription to help you quit smoking through our Ready to Stop Smoking service – visit or call 0800 3247111 to find out more.”

To sign up to the nation’s biggest mass quit attempt, search Stoptober online, visit or contact your local stop smoking service - visit or call 0800 3247 111.

For more information on the new smoking in vehicles regulations, visit the website.