Scams Awareness Month

Published on: Friday, 03-July-2015

It’s Scams Awareness Month and residents are urged to be on their guard against cons and rip-offs.

Around three million people in the UK fall victim to mass-marketing scams every year, costing millions of pounds.

Bogus schemes include fake lotteries and prize draws, investment and PPI scams and get-rich-quick cons.

The scams may be sent through the post, via email and over the phone and often target elderly and vulnerable residents.

Knowsley Council’s Trading Standards team has set up a series of secure scam mail bins in different public buildings across the borough for the duration of Scams Awareness Month.

If you have received any suspected scam mail, please drop it into one of the bins and our Trading Standards team will use the information to uncover any scams operating in the area.

You can find a secure scam mail bin at any of the council’s One Stop Shops and at the following community centres:

  • Park Close, Kirkby
  • Fairhaven, Kirkby
  • Cross Street, Kirkby
  • Greenwood Close, Prescot
  • Eaton Street, Prescot
  • Highfields, Prescot
  • South Avenue, Prescot
  • Fairview, Halewood
  • Bluebell Park, Huyton
  • Fieldway Estate, Huyton
  • Fairclough Site, Woolfall Heath, Huyton

Tips for staying safe

  • Never give out your bank account details or other personal information to people you don’t know or trust
  • Never send money to a company you do not know or send money if told to respond quickly or confidentially
  • You can’t win a lottery you didn’t enter and you don’t send money for something a letter claims you have won
  • Don’t reply to emails or letters from strangers even if they seem to know your name
  • Make sure you have up to date computer security including passwords and antivirus software
  • NEVER agree to buy goods and services on the doorstep or as a result of a telephone cold call
  • If something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

If you have any concerns about doorstep crime or scams, ring Knowsley Council’s Trading Standards team on 0151 443 4713 or Citizens Advice Consumer Services on 03454 040506.

If you think you have been misled into paying money as a result of a scam contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit the Action Fraud website.