Reducing arson in Knowsley

Published on: Tuesday, 29-April-2014

Firefighters are visiting businesses across Knowsley as part of a new campaign to help highlight fire safety advice and reduce call-outs involving arson.

The campaign commenced on Monday, 28 April and aims to raise awareness that:-

  • As an employer you have a legal duty to carry out a fire risk assessment. Part of this involves ensuring that everyone in your workplace can escape and reach a place of safety in the event of an emergency.
  • Escape routes should be kept clear of all obstructions. The escape routes should lead to a place of safety, normally outside and away from the building.
  • Ensure there isn’t a build-up of combustibles either inside or outside of the building – good housekeeping can prevent fires.

Businesses can request a visit by firefighters to their site by contacting 0800 7315958 or by emailing  Requests for removal of gas cylinders can also be made by businesses by calling this number during weekday office hours.