Quit smoking for good

Published on: Friday, 29-May-2015

If you are a smoker and want to give up for good, help is at hand in Knowsley.

To mark World Tobacco Day (Sunday, 31 May) residents are being reminded that the Knowsley Stop Smoking Service offers free and convenient support which can help you quit for good.

Peter Lee had smoked for 60 years before he decided to quit six months ago with the Knowsley Stop Smoking Service. Prior to quitting Peter had always found a reason to carry on smoking but the support he got from the drop in session he attended in Stockbridge Village helped him to make quitting his priority.

He said: “You can always find excuses to keep smoking but they helped me to get focused on why I wanted to stop and keep with it.”

Since finishing his quit programme Peter is really positive about the benefits of stopping smoking. “I haven’t looked back and I feel unstoppable; I love travelling and since quitting I’ve got more money to spend on holidays and have just got back from a trip to Malta.”

Anyone wanting to quit smoking can find out about the range of FREE and convenient support available with the Knowsley Stop Smoking Service:  Call: 0800 3 247 111 Text: ‘Knowsley’ to 61825 (normal network rates apply) or Visit:  http://www.readytostopsmoking.co.uk/