Over 530 Knowsley residents sign up for the Stoptober challenge!

Published on: Thursday, 13-November-2014

Over 530 smokers in Knowsley stubbed out their cigarettes for this year’s Stoptober, the 28-day stop smoking challenge from Public Health England.

They joined over 250,000 people around the country swapping their fags for gags this October in the nation’s biggest mass quit attempt.

Those who successfully took part in Stoptober and didn’t smoke for 28 days are now five times more likely to remain smokefree, contributing to the growing numbers of non-smokers in Knowsley. In addition, people who quit smoking will reduce their risk of heart disease and lung cancer, as well as protecting their family and friends from second-hand smoke.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley, said “I would like to congratulate everyone who took up the Stoptober Challenge – quitting smoking isn’t easy but it is one of the most significant health improvements a person can make. Ongoing support is available through our local stop smoking service to help residents keep up the momentum.  Well done to everyone who took part!”

In Knowsley, there is a range of support to help you quit smoking.  To find out more, contact Smoke Free Knowsley – call 0800 3247 111, text quit to 61825 or visit www.readytostopsmoking.co.uk to quit online or find your nearest group or adviser.