Only the best for your baby

Published on: Monday, 15-June-2015

Pregnant women and children under four in Knowsley can now get free Healthy Start vitamins.
Knowsley Public Health team has funded an extension of the national Healthy Start programme so that all pregnant women - regardless of their age or income – and children under four can receive vouchers for free vitamins.

The national Healthy Start programme, which also includes vouchers for fruit and vegetables, is restricted to women on low incomes and teenagers during pregnancy and their under fours.

The vitamin tablets for mums-to-be contain folic acid and vitamin D and the vitamin drops for children contain vitamin A, C and D. These contribute towards the healthy development of babies, healthy bone growth and strong immune systems.

To claim your free vitamins speak to your Midwife or Health Visitor who will issue you with a Knowsley voucher to take to your nearest clinic / baby club. If you are on the Government-funded scheme, you should continue to use the coupons you receive.