New mini museum in Knowsley

Published on: Wednesday, 02-April-2014

Knowsley Council has launched a new ‘mini museum’ at Knowsley Park Centre for Learning in Prescot. 

To mark the opening, exhibits commemorating 100 years since the start of the First World War are on display as part of a wider ‘Local Heroes, Distant Voices’ exhibition at the Huyton Gallery.

At Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, you will find a range of items and photographs on display from the first and second world war.  The exhibits from both Knowsley Park Centre for Learning and the Huyton Gallery will then be displayed at the Kirkby Gallery and Prescot Museum from August.

The exhibition at Knowsley Park Centre for Learning, Knowsley Park Lane, Prescot, is available until 28 June between 6pm and 9pm Monday to Friday.

Did you know that you can loan one of our mini museums?  If you are a school or a community group and you would like to have your own mini museum at your school, library or community centre, then please contact Tina Ball on 0151 443 5617 to find out more.