More ways to contact the council

Published on: Monday, 19-January-2015

The council website allows people to easily contact us with concerns, pay bills or find out essential information.

The website has been further developed to allow people a greater choice when it comes to reporting issues to us. From 19 January, residents can quickly and easily report incidents of fly-tipping, littering, dog fouling, noise pollution or missed bin collections through our website. Users can even pinpoint on a map exactly where the problem is and upload a photograph to help council officers accurately locate the issue. You can access these facilities here.

To complement the website developments, a mobile app will be launched shortly, giving you yet more choice on how you wish to contact the council rather than having to call the Contact Centre or visit one of our One Stop Shops.

These developments are part of our drive to encourage more people to contact us via the internet, which is much more cost effective for the council. We know that, on average, each face-to-face interaction with a resident costs us about £8.62, compared to just 15p on our website.

As more and more people own smartphones and tablets, and feel comfortable using online forms and apps, the council is keen to move with the times and encourage our residents to do the same. We also hope that by developing council digital services we will be able to make the savings we have identified and free up Customer Services staff to deal with more complex issues and supporting our vulnerable residents.

Keep a look out for details of the mobile app launch on our website.