Make an early New Year’s resolution for a ‘Dry January’

Published on: Monday, 16-November-2015

After the festivities there is no better way to start the New Year than to take a month off drinking.

As well as ditching the hangover and reducing your waistline, you’ll also get better sleep, have more energy and save money. It may also help you rethink your drinking habits in the future too.

Residents in Knowsley are being challenged to sign-up for Dry January– a 31-day challenge to stay alcohol-free, as the council backs the launch of the national 2016 campaign today (Monday 16 November).

Evidence shows that six months after completing Dry January many participants report that they are drinking less frequently and consuming less when they do drink.

Cllr Eddie Connor, Cabinet Member for Public Health & Wellbeing, said:

“The New Year is the perfect time to sign up to a holiday from alcohol. Dry January is not about never drinking again. It’s an opportunity for people to reflect on their drinking patterns and to give their body a break from alcohol after the festive period.”

The 2016 campaign launch follows on from the hugely successful campaign in Knowsley earlier this year which saw over 540 people sign-up for the challenge.

Sign up today for free! Lots of support is available throughout the challenge – not only from Dry January but also from the thousands of other participants taking part. To find out more and sign up, visit