Looking back at Liverpool

Published on: Wednesday, 30-April-2014

6 May - 26 July 2014, Kirkby Gallery

A new exhibition of stunning photographs by renowned photographer Edward Chambré Hardman goes on display at Kirkby Gallery next month.

Hardman spent over 60 years photographing the changing face of the Liverpool landscape and people. Showcasing some of the thousands of images taken by Hardman, this exhibition reveals the everyday lives of the people of Liverpool against the backdrop of a world that is long gone, but still has its legacy in the identity and culture of Liverpool today.

From evocative scenes of the iconic Liverpool docks to dramatic images of Liverpool theatre, experience this rare opportunity to see some of Hardman’s most exclusive work.

The images are on loan from the National Trust, which looks after Hardman’s home and photographic studio at 59, Rodney Street, Liverpool.

Catherine Downey, curator at Rodney Street said: “We’re delighted to be able to share some of Hardman’s iconic images with the Kirkby Gallery.

“Hardman was able to capture the essence of Liverpool at a time of change during the middle years of the last century: we can see the Overhead Railway on Dock Road which has now disappeared; the dizzy Bird’s Eye View of the Cunard Building and the quirky ‘Marshmallow Mixers’ in Jacob’s biscuit factory – not to mention his most famous image of all – ‘Birth of the Ark Royal’.

“We hope many people will take the opportunity to visit the Kirkby Gallery over the summer and see these wonderful photographs for themselves”.

Specially designed for primary schools and family groups, we have designed a ‘Self-Led Education Pack’, so that you can learn more about the exhibition and enjoy your time in the gallery. If you are a school wanting to bring a class to the gallery, please book in advance via the contact details as below.

Kirkby Gallery can be found within the new Kirkby Centre on Norwich Way, Kirkby. It is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.

If you require further information about the exhibition please contact Tina Ball on 0151 443 5617 or email galleries@knowsley.gov.uk