Local Plan Update

Published on: Friday, 26-June-2015

Knowsley Council’s Local Plan will shape the growth and development of Knowsley up to 2028 and will provide a focus for housing, employment, leisure and retail.

The Local Plan: Core Strategy is the central document in Knowsley’s Local Plan. This was submitted to Government in 2013 and since then has been subject to Examination in Public by a Government Inspector.

Following the latest Public Hearing sessions that took place in June, the Inspector has published his headline conclusions on Knowsley’s Local Plan Core Strategy.

The main conclusions are that no further changes to the Plan are required and the Inspector agrees with the council’s position on the release of land from the Green Belt. This is subject to minor change to clarify that safeguarded land at Knowsley Village is not allocated for development.

The Inspector is expected to issue his Final Report in August 2015 and following this, the council will start the official process to adopt the Plan.

Everyone who has participated in the Examination process and public consultations will be notified on receipt of the Inspector’s Report and adoption of the Plan.

Further information is available at www.knowsley.gov.uk/localplan or from the Local Plan team on localplan@knowsley.gov.uk or 0151 443 2326.