Knowsley helping you to keep your family safe

Published on: Thursday, 21-May-2015

Child Safety Week in Knowsley, from 1 June to 7 June, will focus on accident prevention during busy family tea times.

Small changes to our teatime routine can make a big difference in keeping children safe from everyday risks such as falling from chairs, choking on food, scalds from hot water, and burns caused by kitchen appliances.

A range of services from across Knowsley are supporting the week including children’s centres, health visitors, pharmacists, the Fire Safety Network and the Healthy Homes programme.

All the services will have displays providing accident prevention information and the Fire Safety Network will tour the borough with their accident prevention road show.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley, said “There’s lots of really useful information available in Knowsley to help prevent accidents, and most of it is about the simple, small changes families can make to keep children safe.

“I’d encourage everyone to try and make at least one permanent change to their daily routine during the week, for ideas on what that could be just pick up a leaflet from our children’s centres, health centres or the Fire Safety Network.

Child Safety Week is the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s (CAPT) annual education campaign raising awareness of the accidents that seriously injure or kill children and how to prevent them and is backed by Knowsley Public Health.

For more information about the national campaign visit: