Knowsley Council faces tough decisions with further funding cuts announced

Published on: Monday, 21-December-2015

Due to the Government’s unprecedented funding cuts, Knowsley Council has already made savings of £75 million since 2010 – but this isn’t enough!<

Further savings of £19.9 million now need to be found in 2016/2017, with projections of a further £11 million to be found in 2017/2018.  

All of the Council’s services have undertaken a major review to see where savings can be made and services delivered more efficiently.

Unfortunately, this has also resulted in reduced service provision, services being stopped, as well as job losses for Council staff.

Given the further budget cuts faced, the Council has once again had to review the services it provides to its residents.  Whilst the Council has tried to protect its frontline services, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

Working with reduced budgets and fewer staff, it cannot continue to deliver the same level of services and even more tough decisions now need to be made.

Over the last few years, budgets for children’s and adult social care services have been protected.  It was acknowledged that improvements needed to be made in these areas in order to support the borough’s most vulnerable residents.  To support the improvement work, the Council invested £7 million over the last two years, which has resulted in services improvements as well as helping residents to remain independent for longer.  Due to the level of savings needing to be made, these services have now been reviewed.

Demand for the Council’s social care services is very high and the Council is working with partners and residents to help reduce this dependency and ensure residents have access to the information they need about services which will help them become self-sufficient and independent for longer.

Cllr Bill Weightman, Cabinet Member for Finance & Governance, “Even though we have already found £75 million of savings since 2010, we are now in a position of having to make more savings, which I know are going to have an impact on our residents.  Whilst we are trying to maintain our frontline services and support our vulnerable residents, this is getting increasingly difficult to do and with reducing resources, we simply can’t deliver the same level of services.  We are trying to limit the impact, but we know some of the tough decisions we have to make will not be popular but are, unfortunately, unavoidable.”

The Council’s Cabinet considered the proposed savings measures on 16 December 2016, and feedback on a range of these is now invited.  Further information on these can be found here. Please provide any feedback on the proposals or alternative suggestions that would result in the same or more budget savings by 13 January 2016 – email with your comments.  Please include ‘budget savings’ in the subject.

For further information, contact the Communications Team on 0151 443 3536.