Knowsley’s Local Plan Core Strategy is Officially Adopted

Published on: Friday, 08-January-2016

Knowsley Council has approved the adoption of its Local Plan Core Strategy.

The Local Plan Core Strategy is a vitally important document for the future of Knowsley as it will guide development in the borough up to 2028.  It will set out where and how new development and regeneration happens in the borough to provide new homes and employment opportunities.

The Plan supports the wider aims of Knowsley Council and its partners to deliver 8,100 new homes across the borough in order to grow the borough’s population, to develop 164 hectares of employment land to create new jobs and to regenerate Knowsley’s Town Centres whilst enhancing the borough’s environmental assets.

Cllr Mike Murphy, Knowsley’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Economic Development said: “I am delighted that the Local Plan will now be officially adopted.  This is a major opportunity for the Council and our communities as the Plan will facilitate transformational change across Knowsley through new housing development, new employment opportunities and new and improved retail developments.”

The Plan is available on the council’s website  and copies are available to view at Knowsley Council One Stop Shops and libraries.


The Knowsley Local Plan Core Strategy is critical to ensure that Knowsley can:

  • Facilitate the delivery of 8,100 new homes, providing a range and choice of housing for existing and new residents, including affordable housing
  • Make 164 hectares of land available for the growth of existing and new businesses, creating new employment opportunities that local people can access.
  • Set the framework for positive regeneration of Town Centres including Kirkby, Huyton and Prescot
  • Provide adequate measures to protect and enhance Knowsley’s unique environmental assets, such as historic Conservation Areas and protected wildlife sites
  • Deliver a network of high quality Green Infrastructure for residents and visitors to use, including open spaces and outdoor sporting and leisure opportunities, and sustainable travel routes
  • Ensure that new development is well designed and is supported by the appropriate infrastructure to ensure its long term sustainability