Interested in adopting?

Published on: Tuesday, 07-October-2014

There are currently over 600 children waiting for adoption in the north west and many of those are brothers and sisters.

Sarah and her husband adopted their two daughters through Knowsley Council.

Once the couple realised they weren’t going to be able to have a family of their own, but still really wanted children, they decided to look into adoption.

They were approved as adopters by Knowsley Council and their daughters moved in with them in March last year.

 “I’ll never forget how it felt when we first met the girls. Their foster carer opened the front door with my eldest daughter by her side and asked her if she knew who I was, to which she replied ‘mummy’. That felt amazing” said Sarah.

“We decided we wanted to adopt siblings as that way the children would always have a friend and playmate. It also meant we only needed to go through the adoption process the once.

“The last year has passed in a bit of a blur, as from the moment the girls wake up we’re thrown into hectic, family life. What is amazing is how quickly the children changed once they moved in. Our youngest daughter’s delayed speech issues vanished. She began chatting away, effectively communicating with everyone around her. They also both turned our formerly pristine home into a chaotic, happy mess!” Sarah added.

Sarah’s advise to anyone considering adoption is quite simply to “Go for it! And don’t let anyone put you off.”

Knowsley Council is one of 22 local authorities taking part in the Adopt North West recruitment campaign, a major regional awareness campaign breaking down the myths about adoption. Adopt North West has also been established to help make the adoption process faster and more straightforward. Most assessments and approvals now take around six months.

Cllr Gary See, Cabinet Member for Children and Family Services, said:

"People may have the wrong idea about who can adopt and the campaign aims to show it really is open to everyone. We assess people on personal merit.

"Adoption really can change a child’s life and there’s a real need for people to provide families for siblings, so I hope more people will come forward during the campaign."

If you think adoption could be for you please visit or ring 0300 000 000 and find out more.