Household hazards

Published on: Tuesday, 27-May-2014

Trading Standards officers are highlighting the risks posed to children by everyday items around the home.

Posters alerting parents and carers to the dangers are being displayed in public buildings across Knowsley.

The key dangers which have been identified are:

  • Small batteries from toys and other small electrical devices. If swallowed by children, they can cause acid damage to the throat or stomach.
  • Nappy sacks. The thin plastic poses a risk of suffocation to babies and young children.
  • Window blind cords. Since 1999, there have been at least 27 fatalities across the UK where babies and young children have become accidentally entangled in internal window blind cords and chains.
  • Washing machine and dishwasher tablets. There have been cases in the UK of children mistaking the colourful tablets for sweets. Biting or swallowing the tablets can cause burns and swelling.

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate and Customer Services, Cllr Andy Moorhead, said: “It is so important to be vigilant around the home, particularly when you have babies and young children there.

“By raising awareness of some hazards posed by everyday household items, we hope parents and carers will take the time to double check that children are not being put at risk.”