Health warning over illicit vodka

Published on: Friday, 17-January-2014


Environmental Health officers in Knowsley are investigating batches of what may be harmful illicit vodka.

The bottles have been seized by Merseyside Police from addresses in Kirkby and samples are being analysed by experts.

Similar bottles have recently been seized in Yorkshire and were found to contain potentially harmful chemicals such as isopropanol, tertiary butanol and chloroform.

While investigations are being carried out, Knowsley Council’s Environmental Health team is visiting pubs and off licences across the borough to ensure that the product is not being distributed or sold.

Knowsley Council’s Cabinet Member for Corporate and Customer Services, Cllr Andy Moorhead, said: “The Council will always thoroughly investigate any concerns about products which may pose a health risk to people.

“I would urge residents to be wary of this illicit vodka, which could contain a number of potentially harmful chemicals.

“Fake alcohol is a serious problem and people should remember that if the low price appears too good to be true, it may be an illegal product.”

  • The product is called Premium Vodka.
  • The back label has the ingredients listed as alcohol and natural flavours.  It states it is made in Russia, St Petersburg. 
  • Below this is has the code E.U.BR14BSA00036D.  The bottle is a 1 litre bottle and has 37.5% vol on it.  The barcode is 8009710070609.
  • The duty stamp is a type B stamp and the number is A00000001004. 
  • Around the outside of the duty stamp, rather than the wavy white line around the edge of the stamp which looks like half circles, this duty stamp has full white circles around the edge.
  • On some bottles the front label is poorly stuck on, with some of the labels being damaged or folded back on itself.