Have you signed up for Dry January?

Published on: Friday, 19-December-2014

Knowsley Council is reminding residents there is still time to sign up for Dry January, the 31 day challenge to cut-out alcohol.

The council’s Public Health team is promoting Alcohol Concern’s annual campaign, encouraging residents to give up alcohol as the New Year gets underway.

Research from the charity shows people who have completed the challenge are now drinking less alcohol all year round.

Adopting healthier lifestyles, saving money and discovering new interests are some of the additional benefits that participants can expect to experience.

The 2015 campaign follows on from the hugely successful campaign in Knowsley earlier this year which saw over 350 people take up the challenge.

Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health for Knowsley said:

“Many people are unaware of the impact on their health of regularly drinking in excess of the recommended limits.  Following the festive period, the New Year is an ideal time for people to assess their drinking habits and take up the 31 day challenge, which will hopefully lead to people drinking less.”

A Knowsley Dry January 2014 participant, commented:

“Dry January was great for me and a wonderful start to the year. It has helped me in discovering a wealth of activities and pursuits outside of the 'default' 'let's go to the pub’.”

To find out more or sign up now with your friends and family visit www.dryjanuary.org.uk or call 0151 434 4760. You can also join the Dry January online community at Facebook.com/DryJanuary and follow updates on Twitter @dryjanuary.