Flu nasal spray for two, three and four year olds

Published on: Monday, 20-October-2014

Public Health professionals in Knowsley are encouraging the parents of two, three and four year olds to ensure their child is protected from flu, and to limit the spread of the disease to vulnerable people.

There’s now a safe and effective nasal spray vaccine to protect children aged two, three and four years against flu.  The vaccine is easy to give and doesn’t involve needles!

Flu can be a nasty illness that can lead to a stay in hospital, especially for children with other medical conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
Protecting your child can stop the flu spreading to other children he/she may come into contact with, and to the rest of the family, in particular to grandparents, who may be at particular risk from flu.

Parents are encouraged to contact their GP and make their appointment today.

Further information for parents about the flu vaccine can be found on the NHS Choices website.