Domestic abuse in Knowsley – support is available

Published on: Tuesday, 14-January-2014

Did you know that one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse at some point in their lifetime?  Also, in the UK, police receive a call every 60 seconds about domestic abuse, yet only 4 out of 10 incidents are reported.

The Safer Knowsley Partnership is ensuring victims of domestic abuse, both men and women, have access to help and support.

The Partnership’s latest campaign – ‘Domestic abuse – it’s about choice’ – has been launched to help anyone who is suffering from domestic abuse to seek support. 

Domestic abuse can take many forms, including verbal, psychological, emotional, social, financial and sexual, as well as physical.

Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services (KDVSS) provide a range of support for both men and women, including one-to-one support, either in person or over the telephone.  Support groups, such as the Freedom Programme, help women to understand what domestic abuse and controlling behaviour is, whilst moving on groups help to empower women, raising their confidence and self esteem. 

As well as offering support to victims, the campaign is also helping offenders to change their behaviour.  In Knowsley, both men and women can contact the InPact programme (Intervening in Partnership Abuse Change for Tomorrow) for help and advice.  The InPact programme is run through KDVSS – 0151 548 3333.

Sheena Ramsey, joint Chair of the Safer Knowsley Partnership, said “The aim of the Safer Knowsley Partnership’s campaign is to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to ensure our residents know that help and support is available.  As well as supporting victims, we are also asking offenders to work with us.  We will help them to change their behaviour and stop the abuse occurring in the first place.  Our message is simple – help really is only a phone call away.”

Whatever your circumstances, help and support is available – call Knowsley Domestic Violence Helpline on 0800 953 4433 or KDVSS on 0151 548 3333 or visit